Blue Sky State of Mind

It’s another day, I’m trying to figure out why
This long winding road, I’m caught in overdrive
It’s times like these, I’m on my knees, asking for
a sign
I stare into the mirror, It opens up my eyes

I need a blue sky state of mind
Bask in the rays of the gold sunshine
Thank God for all I’ve got, Leave my worries to the air
And even when it’s dark, know that you’re still there

Praying hard, my thoughts so deep
I’ve gotta make use of all you’ve given to me
And I know I’ve got it inside
To live life with a blue sky state of mind

To the rhythm of gratitude, I’ll dance
Even though this time I lost, at least I had a chance
And I get to move on to my next try
Cause all the setbacks leave lessons to apply